beading tips

Jewelry making is an extremely popular form of craft both for a hobby and for income earning. As a result, more and more individuals are learning this jewelry craft in order to create their own stylish pieces. The type of string used for each particular piece depends on the types of beads that are chosen […]

Beading wire will in some cases fit the look you want for your project and you may prefer the durability of wire. The next step is to decide on which wire to use. The beading wire with which you choose to string your beads depends on the type of jewelry you are making (or on […]

The History of Beading

Beads were the earliest form of traded items. They are as old as 72000 years have been found in Lebanon and were the primary medium of trade before different forms of currency were introduced.  These findings are rare however and not much is known about them as there is very little documentation accompanying them. The […]

Best beading tips for beginners Step By Step

My passion for beading started after years of working a 9 to 5 job and on days when I felt really stressed I looked for an outlet.  Each day after work I would drive through the hustle and bustle of bumper to bumper traffic and was eager to relax.  Making homemade jewelry from seed beads was […]