A book review of, The Beader’s Bible written by Dorothy Wood.

In this Book:

The title suggests an encyclopedia of beads and beading techniques and that is exactly what it’s all about. The introduction provides a taste of what’s to come. Each chapter introduces a new beading topic starting with the traditional technique of to a newer technique similarly to the biblical Old and New Testaments. I think this is what the writer was intender or wishes to portray. The writer continued this Common Thread by asking by adding inspirational pages at the beginning of every chapter.

Each chapter

The book opens to the world of beading beginner as well as providing references for the seasoned beader. Each chapter has a sub-title, the first is named “getting started” followed by another sub-title, “bead on” and ends with the sub-title, “taking it further”. The subtitles can be reviewed as the setting up stage, the instructional stage and the project stage.

The writer’s style

The writer’s style is suitable for the intended audience each chapter moves seamlessly through each of the three stages. The concepts are well-defined and the ideas well developed. It is interactive and keeps the reader’s attention allowing that individual to accomplish each skill presented especially with the added sub-topic, “bead something now” section. The use of pictures provides an added bonus and elevates the book for the visual learner. Overall the book delivers. The format makes it helpful to the reader to follow the step-by-step guide to beading techniques.

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