Best beading tips for beginners Step By Step

My passion for beading started after years of working a 9 to 5 job and on days when I felt really stressed I looked for an outlet.  Each day after work I would drive through the hustle and bustle of bumper to bumper traffic and was eager to relax.  Making homemade jewelry from seed beads was what saved me from the hectic fast pace world.  It was a time to relax and be calm.

  1. Try to find something you enjoy and do it everyday.
  2. Set aside the time to do it – uninterrupted and keep it going
  3. Find an out let to express your emotions
  4. Take a moment to be calm and expand your creativity
  5. Counteract negativity with calmness

If beading handmade jewelry is what you chose, have fun with it and welcome to my world.

How to start Beading:

First I would recommend taking a basic beading class at your nearby craft store or a neighboring beading store if there is one.

Secondly, if you do not have access to a craft shop or a beading store you can purchase a basic beading book. I have used the following books : The Beader’s Bible by Dorothy Wood.

Annie’s Craft Store online is another great place for beading books, videos and tutorials, on beading, you will love these.

Important tools for making handmade jewelry

Before starting any activity it is always vital to gather all the necessary tools. So here we go:

Needle, thread, a pair of scissors and some projects will also include buttons.

Tools can be found at Panda Hall, Dreamtime Creations or Milkyway Jewelry.


After you gather all the relevant tools, start thinking of your work space. What kind of work space would you have?

Your work space should allow you to achieve optimal performance in a relaxing atmosphere. How can this be done?

  1. Obtain proper lightening.
  2. Brighten your work space with pictures, flowers, posters or additional lamps.
  3. It is important to adjust your chair so that you are comfortable. It should not be too high or too low.
  4. Use seat cushions if necessary.
  5. Make sure you have proper back support. The curve of your back should be well supported (a small pillow can work wonders).
  6. Watch the positioning of your neck. Make sure you are not stretching too far forward to put a strain on your neck mussels.
  7. Check to make sure your work is a comfortable distance from your eyes.
  8. Rest your eyes by closing then for short intervals.
  9. Look away occasionally from the task at hand in order to relieve your eyes.
  10. Throughout this process move away from the task momentarily so that you assume a new body position. Shifting position is vital for long tasks. In other words, take short breaks.
  11. Add a foot rest if you see fit.
  12. Always pay close attention to your body whether you are sitting or standing.

Coping mechanism

We all have stress. Stress is a part of life. We can’t get rid of stress completely but we

Should learn how to manage it. The body’s reaction to stress is known as “flight or

fight”. It is the way we react to it.

We can become more skillful in managing stress: How can this be done?

To tackle it we must:

  1. Slow down (this is a wonderful practice to have).
  2. Focus on whatever you are doing at the moment (stress demands our time).
  3.  Use your time wisely
  4.  Try a calming activity, in this case beading.

As author, Thich Nhat Hanh said in his book: Work- How to find Joy and Meaning In-

Each Hour of the day.

Stress and tension can accumulate in our body, but with intelligence

and compassion you can release tension and help to create the sort of

work conditions in which you and those around you can experience

more joy and less stress (p. 44) 

Let’s focus on beading:

Each bead is a unit and most people who bead pay attention to that one unit.  Most of all, they take the time to look at the size, the color, the shape, the texture and how will it fit in with the others. They touch it they roll it around in their hand and feel the unit. Some say it is amazing and how much pleasure is gained by slowing it down and taking the time to admire each bead and to enjoy what they are doing. Here the visual and the tactile along with calmness plays a role in relieving stress.

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