About me

Hello everyone my name is Maxine Cunningham and I have been a league tennis player for many years. I enjoy competitive play and have remained on several teams. The goal each year is to play at Nationals. I have been successful at the District and sectional levels. Hopefully one day I will get to Nationals. I am working on it!

I am also a league golfer and play in two different leagues. I always look forward to the golf season. Outside of the golf season I am seed-beading and love to make my own jewelry.

This is one of my many pieces:


My passion for beading started after years of working in the business world and there were days when I left the office really stressed, I was constantly looking for an outlet. Each day after work I would drive along in the hustle and bustle of bumper to bumper traffic and was eager to get home, then I found it.

Making homemade jewelry from seed beads was what saved me from the hectic fast pace world. It was a time to relax and be calm.

Being a person who is always eager to learn new things and new ideas. I felt that I could build a website that would be interesting and one in which I could share with others my love and passion of beading homemade jewelry and give the reason why I bead.

I have been beading handmade jewelry for about three years and would like to share with others what it had done for me, just how this activity has brought a calmness to my life and acts as a wonderful stress reliever.